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“Our clients look for valuations for a variety of different reasons, whether the valuation is for a sales, rental, mortgage, probate, nursing home fair deal scheme, tax, corporate restructuring or any other reason we have got you covered.”

Sales/Rental Valuation

Some agents vying for your property whether it is to put the property on the market to rent or for sale will tell you what you want to hear when it comes to how much rent the property will generate per month or how much the property is worth despite knowing that it will not achieve close to these figures. We at Godfrey Grant Property Consultants are different we believe in honesty and integrity throughout every aspect of our business and will always give you a true value as to what we believe your property would fetch, the figure being the estimated amount for which a property should exchange on the date of valuation between a willing buyer and a willing seller in an arms-length transaction after proper marketing and advertisement have been conducted.

Call us now on 01 608 7713 for a free informal Sales or Rental Valuation of your property now. Also please check out our vendor’s advice and landlord’s advice on how to achieve the best results for your property.

Probate Valuation

A probate valuation is required for inheritance tax purposes by the revenue after the owner has passed away. The valuation will normally be dated on the date of death and will reflect the market value of the property at that time. Godfrey Grant Property Consultants can provide prompt Probate Valuations while also being able to advice on Capital Acquisition Tax liabilities which a beneficiary under a will or on intestacy may find themselves exposed to.

HSE Fair-Deal Scheme

The nursing home fair deal scheme requires that a property valuation be attached to the application form. We at Godfrey Grant understand the sensitive nature of this type of valuation and always ensure that while conducting an inspection of the property we do so with the minimum level of disturbance or intrusiveness to the owner of the property or their families.

Tax Valuation

Tax Valuations can be necessary on many different occasions for example where an inter vivos disposition is made (a gift to someone during the lifetime of the person giving the gift) a valuation will be required on the date the property is gifted to the other party, generally a family member.

Tax Valuations may become more common in the coming months with the introduction of the new property tax whereby the property tax is being based on the value of the property, and which will be initially set by the Revenue Commissioners, but which can be re-evaluated by the owner through an Auctioneer and submittedd to the Revenue.

Watch this space!!

Mortgage Valuation

This type of valuation is required by banks and other lending institutions in order to apportion a current value to the property for which their customer is considering purchasing. It also contains other information such as the reinstatement cost of a property in the event the property is destroyed by fire, while also conducting a basic appraisal as to the condition of a property. A mortgage valuation should not be confused with a pre-purchase survey which goes into much more detail and scope.