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BER or Building Energy Rating, is all about the energy efficiency of your home.

How it works?
Your home will receive a BER inspection where the inspector will look at the energy performance and associated carbon dioxide emissions for the provision of space heating, ventilation, water heating and lighting under standard operating conditions.

This together with the major components of your homes dimension, orientation, insulation, and space and hot water heating systems efficiency, will be used to calculate your homes BER.

BER is not dependent on the energy use of the homes occupants. The inspection excludes energy used for electrical appliances and for heating, lighting, pumps and fans.

After inspection you will receive a rating based on a scale form A-G. Homes rated A are the most energy efficient and will often have the lowest energy bills.

The energy performance is expressed as:
(a) Primary energy use per unit floor area per year (kWh/m2/yr) represented on an A to G scale; and
(b) Associated Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in kgCO2/m2/yr

Why does my estate agent want a BER rating certificate?
BER is compulsory for all homes offered for sale or rent and a requirement for all new homes before it is occupied for the first time.

A BER certificate makes the energy performance of you home more visible to buyers, if your home is on an “A” rated scale it will make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

The advisory report identifies where you as the seller can make sufficient energy performance improvements.

As home owner you will only need to do a BER rating once as it is valid for a maximum of 10 years provided that no material changes is made to your home that will affect its energy performance.

Is there any cost involved in getting a BER rating?
There is no set fee for getting a BER rating but it is required that all persons offering a home for sale or rent, personally or through their real estate agent is required to employ a registered BER assessor to do a BER rating.

What happens if my home is not A rated?
After your home inspection, you will receive an advisory report, which identifies your potential energy performance improvements. Showing you where and how to improve your space and hot water heating, ventilation and lighting, for a reduction in energy use and cost.

What does a BER rating report look like?

BER certificate


How is my home rated?
The following table shows the CO2 emissions and running costs for different rating for space and water heating

BER rating compared_2

Useful link: Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

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