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By hdadmin On 01-10-2015

Before you can buy a house of your own, you will need to apply for a mortgage.

This is not always an easy task but armed with the right information, can make this process so much easier.

To make sure that you find a mortgage that fits your pocket, do a mortgage check. You will find mortgage checkers on all the websites of the relevant mortgage providers.

To help you along click on the links provided for a quick mortgage check


Mortgage applications are FREE, so you can apply to any of the above providers and ask to speak to a mortgage adviser before you decide on what mortgage suits your budget.

Do I stick with my current bank?

Sticking with your current bank might make the application process easier but this does not mean that your application will be successful. So the  answer is no, you do not need to stick with your current bank, because no matter which mortgage provider you choose, you will still need to supply the same information.

How many banks can I apply to ?

You can apply to as many banks as you like, as each bank has its own criteria. This way you can see, which one of the banks will approve you first and for how much.

Do I need to apply directly to the mortgage provider or via a broker?

You can make the application yourself online, although sometimes it can be more helpful to do it via a broker as he/she will be able to guide your through the steps and make sure that you understand everything and also to help you find a better deal.

Remember, finding a mortgage is all about what you can afford, so make sure that you have clear information on the mortgage that you are offered and most importantly that it fits your budget.

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